Friday, July 19, 2013

Homeschooling Lesson Planners

I love to plan. Although, admittedly, I'm horrible at it. I find it to be one of the most calming things I can do when my anxiety is high, mainly because it gives me a sense of control, even if that sense is an illusion. But I still love to plan. I have a blog planner, a Home Management Binder, a Financial Binder and of course a homeschooling binder that keeps all of Sam's worksheets (both to do and finished) all in one place - on her "homeschooling shelf" on the book case next to my "office."

I, now, have a lesson planner!! Here's the thing about me and planners: the have to be pretty or I won't use them. They have to have some sort of aesthetic appeal or it will just sit and collect dust. I found several lesson planners online, and even made one of my own, which is the one I used the most:

I actually really liked this one. It had plenty of room for me to write stuff, but there was something just not right about it.

Then I got an email with the most recent blog post from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler saying that she had come out with a new colorful lesson planner. She had just released her new colorful blog planner (which of course I also have and love!), so I was really excited to see what this lesson planner looked like. 

Unfortunately, it was for sale. Normally, I don't purchase things like this, I just feel it's a waste of money when I can probably find something similar elsewhere online for free. Plus out finances are really tight right now. But this time, I broke my rule and bought the lesson planner. It was only $5 and it is BEAUTIFUL!

There are a number of different pages included in the package. Here's a list of all the pages straight from Erica's website:

  • Homeschooling Vision Statement
  • Notice of Intent to Homeschool
  • Household Rules Chart (There are a couple versions of this, one partially filled in and one blank.)
  • Behavior & Discipline Chart
  • Our Family Schedule
  • Our Commitment Worksheet
  • Our Curriculum
  • Curriculum Plan Overview
  • Weekly Subject overview
  • Weekly Schedule Overview
  • Our Book List
  • My Reading Log
  • Planned Field Trips
  • Extra-curricular Activities
  • Craft Supply List
  • Homeschool Supply Shopping List
  • Photocopies Needed List
  • Unit Study Planner
  • Preschool Assessment Form
  • kindergarten Assessment Form
  • Sight Word Assessment Form (Covers Primer – 3rd Grade)
  • Homeschool Attendance Records
  • Homeschool Long Term Grade Records
  • Super Mom vs. Abiding Mom Printable
  • Year at-a-Glance Calendars (2013-2016) 

Now, Erica is a Christian homeschooler, and of course we're pagan so there are a few pages in her planner that I don't use, but the majority of them I do use. The weekly lesson planner, of course, my main page and it was worth the $5.00 just for those pages. But I also use the reading log list, planned field trips, the book list, and the craft and homeschool supply list, as well as the photocopies list. Although, I use the photocopy sheet for what I need to print like worksheets etc.

And now the part you've been waiting for! PICTURES!! Here's the lesson planner I've put together so far, it's still a work in progress though.

The colorful front page.

Yearly Calendar

The "Photocopies Needed" and "Our Book List" pages

Sam's reading list

Our lesson plan for the week.

And there you have it, my lesson planner. Like I said it is a work in progress, but I feel much better knowing that I have some type of plan to follow. We don't follow this plan exactly, we tend to skip around, but we do eventually get everything done that week.

If you love this planner as much as I do and would like to get your hands on it, you can find it in Erica's store. I am not an affiliate for Erica, and I'm not making any money from this post, all opinions are my own. I just adore this planner! 


  1. Thank you for this review and these pictures. Really helped me make a decision. I bought this too.

    Now heading in to our second year of Home-ed; being in the UK we start back in September so now trying to get all my planning together.

  2. Wow, this looks like a great planner for anyone interested in homeschooling. Great post, Melissa