Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Chose Homeschooling

When I got pregnant 6 years ago, I was on the fence about sending my daughter to formal school versus homeschooling her myself. I didn't have the greatest experience when I was in school. I didn't have any friends and I was routinely picked on by bullies. My mom told me it was because they were all jealous, and looking back, she was probably right. I had a high IQ, and I was told by adults that I was very pretty.

I'm very analytical. I despise emotion because it's just too irrationaly for me, and that got me into quite a bit of trouble in school. I interacted with my peers as if they were adults. I felt much more comfortable with adults. But, you can't treat elemetary kids, and high schoolers like that or you get branded weird, or in my case fat and ugly (I was a size 8 and 5'9).

My husband has a similar experience, although he had more friends than I did. But, because of our mutual experiences, I didn't want my daughter to sudder through it as well. I know if I had been homeschooled, I would have learned quite a bit more that I did. So, I decided to homeschool her.
A coloring activity teaching Sam the anatomy of the eye.
After I made the decision, I thought about it more and more, hoping I had made the right decision. But , the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we have children to teach them our core values, and to guide them through life. Sending them to school allows the teacher to have that experience, and they're a perfect stranger. Maybe I'm selfish, but I want the experience of getting to know my daughter and watching her experience life.

I know I've made the right choice. There's no doubt in my mind actually. As for social interaction, she can interact with peers at the playground, or adults at the grocery store. It's all social interaction because it's all how we treat other people. What did people due before brick-and-mortar schools? They homeschooled. By the numbers, our population growth suggests homeschooling was efficient at teaching people how to conduct themselves in public.

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